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StoreCan provides top-quality shipping containers in both Used and New (1trip) conditions, available in 20′ and 40′ sizes. We take pride in offering fast delivery and competitive pricing.
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Our team of expert drivers ensures the safe and timely delivery of your containers, while our commitment to exceptional customer service guarantees your satisfaction throughout the entire process.
Modification & Adaptation
Need customization for your shipping container? Get in touch with our sales team and let us guide you in selecting the perfect shipping container tailored to your project’s requirements.
Repairs & Accessories
Our comprehensive shipping container repair services include a vast selection of high-quality parts and accessories, conveniently available for browsing on our online platform.
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Used, New (1trip) & Specialty units available
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Used, New (1trip) & Specialty units available
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High Cube
Used, New (1trip) & Specialty units available
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Our happy clients

Elena was great to work with as we had…
Elena was great to work with as we had to reschedule our delivery date. The driver was great and very accommodating in getting our container placed where we wanted it. Great service overall and would recommend StoreCan.
Happy Customer!
George was awesome to work with and made the purchase quick and very simple. He made sure I received what I was looking for. Joel the delivery person did a fantastic job on the delivery. Joel was very accommodating setting up a delivery time and delivered on time as promised!
Reid Nehring
Wow Great customer service
Wow Great customer service, Jane N answer all my questions and concerns.
Delivered service was awesome
Awesome service from start to finish
Bruce M
Bruce M
Im so happy with my shipping container!
Mateo and Elena were very good to me and always communicated well. I really liked the driver but I do not remember his name. He was an Indian guy who actually recognized my Phoenix mailbox. I have recommended them to 2 people last week and will continue to send people to these guys. I spoke to George for a moment on the phone because my etransfer wouldn’t process til the next morning. George said all was good and please call to confirm once you haves sent the etransfer. I enjoyed doing business with them.
Daemon Rowanchilde
Driver was very professional & curtious. Slightly disappointed with container locking mechanism & raised fasteners in floor. Door hinges are VERY STIFF. But it doesn’t leak so that’s a good thing.
Brad Vanhecke
We are happy with our experience
We are happy with our experience. We first were dealing with Mateo and he was very responsive. When we finally decided to purchase our 2 bins, Elena was always available. The drivers also communicated with us.
I am very impressed with the great…Trustworthy company
I am very impressed with the great customer customer service, quick and trustworthy, did exactly what they said!
Trustworthy was very important for me as I didn’t know really who was I dealing with and giving my money too and get the storage can I wanted. They delivered!!!
Laverne Waters
Quick, Easy, Affordable
The quote and purchasing process was extremely fast and easy. The new container we received is great and the used one is as described. We would certainly consider and recommend purchasing from Storcan Corp again.

The only thing that would make Storecan 5 stars is if it was able to provide photos of the containers we would be receiving. Otherwise, great process.
Mateo Mejia Duff
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Ground requirements:

The truck, trailer, and container are heavier than most people expect. The average weight will be 35,000 to 40,000 pounds (depending on the container size). To ensure that your delivery goes smooth, please avoid the following issues that can delay the process or make the delivery impossible:

  • Wet ground/mud. It’s a good idea to check the weather forecast and book the delivery when the ground is hard.
  • Tallgrass/debris. Please prepare the delivery spot and the access road accordingly.
  • Snow/ice. Please clear the area and have sand available in case the truck gets stuck.
  • Slopes. It’s a bad idea to drop your container on a slope. Not only is it dangerous, but it will also twist your container and the doors won’t function properly.
Space requirements:

The space required for the delivery of your StoreCan storage container will depend on the size of the unit being delivered:

  • 20ft Container Delivery:
    The truck will require a minimum of 65 feet of straight-line clearance. This space requirement includes the length of the container itself, the length of the trailer, and finally, the truck itself, as shown below.
  • 40ft Container Delivery:
    The truck will require a minimum of 110 feet of straight-line clearance. This space requirement includes the length of the container itself, the length of the trailer, and finally, the truck itself as shown below.
Height, width & visibility restrictions:

A minimum height and width of 14 feet are required for moving a container. For unloading of the container up to 20 feet of height is required so the tilt bed can be raised up and the container slid off the trailer. Low-hanging tree branches, gates, ditches, and other obstacles can easily damage components on the tractor or trailer, so please ensure there is sufficient clearance to avoid them. Limited visibility can create a safety hazard for the driver, so on the day of the delivery, you should plan to have at least one person on-site to act as a spotter if low-hanging objects such as electrical wires or telephone cables are potential problems.

Door orientation:

The standard shipping containers have barn doors on one end, so the orientation of the container doors on the truck is very important to determine for final placement at your location. Keep in mind that the truck backs into position to tilt the container onto the ground.

  • Loading the truck with the container doors facing the rear will result in the doors being placed in their final position first.
  • If the container doors are loaded to face the cab of the truck, the doors will be the last part of the container to be placed onto the ground.
Self pick-up:

If you would like to arrange your own pick-up at one of our yards, the release information will be sent within 24 hours after the invoice amount is paid in full. PPE will be required to access the yard.

Can I pick a color?

The most common question we get is, “can I pick a color” and the answer is sort of, sometimes. Because we’re essentially getting the next container off the stack at the intermodal depot that meets the criteria you requested, we can’t select a color. For used containers we are unable to allow the customer to request their color, however, we can offer beige and grey color options for One Trip containers. If you’re ordering multiple units, we can usually guarantee matching units (upon request, based on availability).

We recommend pressure washing and painting used containers after delivery.

Can I look at the container before I buy it?

Because the containers are stacked at the intermodal depot, we cannot obtain photos or guarantee a specific unit. The depots are storing empty shipping containers for shipping lines and intermodal equipment providers. When we place an order for our customers, they just get the next container off the stack that meets their criteria.

We help our customers buy containers from the depot, the same way the big national storage container companies buy their boxes. When you buy through StoreCan, you’re buying a shipping container at wholesale, pulled directly from cargo circulation. We help you navigate the process of purchasing a used shipping container directly from the cargo pool.

Can I visit the container yard?

Container depots are extremely busy places, and 95%+ of container traffic at depots is cargo-related. Unless you have a specific business to attend to at the depot, we don’t recommend visiting.

Customers who are picking up their own equipment will be provided with a release number and depot information. However, unless you already have a release number, we recommend waiting to visit the depot.

Is there sales tax on a shipping container?

Yes. All used shipping containers will have GST/HST tax applied at checkout. If you’re not paying sales tax, you’re probably not buying from a reputable company.

We can waive sales tax for parties with a valid tax exemption document.

What if I have a question that wasn’t answered in the FAQ?

Contact us if we weren’t able to answer your question in the FAQ; we’re always happy to help.

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